Re-coating can be used to restore the sheen of wood flooring that has lost its beauty over time. This is the process of applying a new wood floor finish. This will depend on your family's lifestyle. Re-finishing your floors is necessary before they can be repainted. Normal hardwood floors will require sanding. This is how it's done with minimal dust and no mess.

Chislehurst Floor Sanding Dust-Free Refinishing of hardwood floors using the Atomic Dust Containment System by Bonakemi. This is the most powerful and advanced dust containment system on the market. The traditional hardwood floor sanding process is often very dusty. This can lead to a dust storm in your home, lingering dust inside your air-ducts, as well as a headache cleaning up. Atomic DCS sands faster, cleaner, and more effectively than traditional sanding.

Atomic is an innovative system that uses a powerful vacuum engine to connect to all sanding equipment. This vacuum engine ejects the dust from the sanding process and collects it in our atomic trailer which is parked outside of your home. Additionally, we use portable, powerful dust containment systems.

Chislehurst Floor Sanding Family-owned hardwood flooring company that has been caring Chislehurst for over 30 years For more than 25 year, flooring has been a necessity for homeowners and businesses. You'll feel confident that your hardwood floors and your business are in the best hands, from sales and installation to repairs and refinishing.

Next month, tune in to see a detailed description of The Bona Atomic DCS Process.


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